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Jeff Bezos poses a great question: How do you say no to annoying meeting requests?

Reuters/Anushree Fadnavis
Jeff Bezos would like to decline your meeting request.
  • Sarah Todd
By Sarah Todd

Senior reporter, Quartz and Quartz at Work

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This week, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos entertained the internet with a hypothetical question: What’s the right way to say no to a meeting request?

In a post on Instagram, Bezos explained the dilemma this way:

Let’s say you’re at a big cocktail party and someone you don’t know comes up to you while you’re talking to your dad and girlfriend and asks for a meeting. Let’s say this person is the kind of person who actually uses the word “minions” to describe the people who work for you.

How do you respond:

  1. A) Yes, I’ll definitely meet with you.
  2. B) No, I won’t meet with you.
  3. C) Tell you what. Call so and so and they’ll work something out.
  4. D) Quietly resolve to become a shut-in.
  5. E) Something else (fill in the blank)

A Seinfeld “Serenity Now!” button (second pic) for whoever comes up with the best answer.

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