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How the best remote teams communicate   

Reuters/Shaun Best
Huddle for a few, except virtually.
Lila MacLellan
By Lila MacLellan

Quartz at Work reporter

Do people come up with more creative ideas when they all show up to work in the same place, or are remote teams and distributed workforces just as skilled at collaborating?

These questions can trigger passionate responses from those who believe in banning remote work for the sake of the serendipitous conversations that happen in an office, and the opposing camp: those who defend distributed team models and say they’re happier and more productive when they can work from anywhere.

However as natural disasters and, more recently, the coronavirus outbreak have shown us, there isn’t always a choice. Short-term and long-term forces suggest that more people are going to be working from places other than HQ as we look ahead. As such, we ought to know as much as possible about what helps remote teams perform.

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