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You’re going to need some space.

Essential ground rules for when you and your partner both work from home

Susan Howson
Member exclusive by Susan Howson

You eat together, you socialize together, and now, thanks to a global epidemic, you work from home together.

If you value your domestic partnership, you will set some boundaries right now so as to prevent the tree of resentment from taking root under your floorboards and bursting into your living room while the dog cowers, remembering better days.

My partner and I have had maybe six arguments in six years. But it was clear that even we had to take swift measures to be sure we would not destroy each other after a few weeks of working alongside one another in the same space. It’s been several months since our respective jobs led us here (our arrangement predated the outbreak of Covid-19), and I’m pleased to report we’re down to maybe one tense moment a week. The latest one: He was looking for a specific pen; I was in a meeting and was not sure this was an important household issue to discuss in that moment.