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Three stress-reducing tips for your team during the coronavirus crisis

Acme Photograph BPA via Getty Images
Managing stress improves decision-making, creative thinking, and boosts the immune system.
  • David Rock
By David Rock

Director, The NeuroLeadership Institute

Published Last updated on

By now, most companies have had significant aspect of their business disrupted in some way due to the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus and rising cases of Covid-19.

As employees everywhere are working from home full-time, or at least much more than usual, a lot of people are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress, with noticeable impact on their ability to focus on work.

A study published in early March surveyed HR leaders across 650 companies and found 64% of their employees were experiencing reduction in productivity due to the coronavirus outbreaks. Three weeks earlier, the same pool of respondents reported that 70% of employees experienced “small or no impact at all on productivity” caused by the virus. That’s a massive change in just a few weeks.

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