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“The actions you take now will define the rest of your corporate life,” says Ries.

The Lean Startup’s Eric Ries has some advice for companies facing the coronavirus crisis

Lila MacLellan
Member exclusive by Lila MacLellan

As the coronavirus pandemic and its related economic shutdowns ravage businesses across the globe, Eric Ries, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur and influential author of The Lean Startup, has been fielding calls from CEOs who are wondering what to do next.

His answers, in some ways, are similar to what he has always advised as co-founder of the Lean Startup Co. consulting firm, and as founder of the Long-Term Stock Exchange, a market predicated on the idea that companies should be able to access capital without sacrificing their mission at the altar of short-term growth.

“The things that people are urging companies to do now, when you really think about it, aren’t different from what they should have been doing all along,” Ries says. “It shouldn’t have taken a crisis to make these changes.”

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