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Watch: Quartz’s workshop on career building in quarantine

Heather Landy
Member exclusive by Heather Landy

Covid-19 has dislocated millions of workers around the world, with more job upheaval to come. But even in normal, non-pandemic times, the arc of a career is rarely a smooth, graceful curve. It usually involves lots of bends, twists, and dips, whether because of personal choices we’ve made about how we want to spend our time or where we want to live, or because of macro changes in the labor market that are well outside our control. 

It somehow always feels personal, though, particularly for those of us who derive some portion of our identity from our work and who rely on it to structure our day and provide us with a sense of purpose.

At a workshop on career building in quarantine, part of the Quartz at Work (from home) series of seminars, a trio of presenters offered some big-picture ideas and tactical advice for navigating your career, whether you’re nearing the end of it or still at the very beginning of it, or somewhere in between.