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Fabrizio Lenci for Quartz
  • Heather Landy
By Heather Landy

Editor of Quartz at Work

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The insanity of living and working through a global pandemic has, among other things, hammered home some basic truths about the art of management, starting with the fact that it was evolving rapidly long before a pandemic upended workplaces around the world.

Working remotely, working asynchronously, integrating work and home life, spending more time thinking about crucial aspects of work that aren’t usually in the job description, like mental health and inclusivity and company culture—all of these things started happening years ago. And all of them, whether we noticed or not, have had implications for those of us who manage people.

Now, not noticing is not an option. And just noticing isn’t enough. The past decade has brought enormous changes to our workplaces, gradually at first and then all at once, and the real insanity would be not changing our management thinking or tactics in light of it.

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