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Watch: How to master the art of connecting and networking

  • Heather Landy
By Heather Landy

Editor of Quartz at Work


While we have more digital tools than we’ve ever had before, building networks and authentic professional relationships in many ways seems harder than it’s ever been. Can we find ways to connect to people without it feeling awkward, dirty, or embarrassingly self-serving?

In this workshop, part of our Quartz at Work (from home) event series, you’ll hear from experts on where to find people who can help you in your career, how to show that your outreach is genuine, and ways you can pay things forward once you’ve gotten that mentor, that job referral, or a foot in the door at an employer where other hopefuls might like to join you.

Click the large image above for the complete video replay. Below, we share highlights from the panel, starting with advice for early-career folks, mid-career industry switchers, senior professionals, and introverts, followed by a Quartz at Work reading list for further exploration of topics covered in the workshop.

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