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The best employee benefits at the top US financial firms

snapshot of newborn, broken arm, and tropical vacation overlaid on employee benefit documents
Photo collage by Quartz

From working from home to vacation days to paid parental leave, company policies vary widely, and the pandemic has proven just how crucial those benefits can be. But when you’re looking for a job, it’s difficult to find out what companies offer until you’re far along in the hiring process. And if you already have a job, there’s no easy way to learn what other companies in your industry offer, to bolster your case if you want to ask your company for more. To attract top talent, companies should advertise their benefits—especially when they are great—but many of them don’t.

We canvassed 101 of the biggest and most influential companies in financial services, one of the highest-paying industries in the US, to find out what benefits they offer to employees. 32 asset managers, banks, industry groups, and accounting firms shared this information. You can look up all the data below. Here are the benefits that stood out:

🏖 Best vacation policy

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