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Three pieces of career advice I’m glad I didn’t take

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Sometimes you have to chart your own course.
  • Anna Avalos
By Anna Avalos

Chief people officer, SoFi

Published Last updated on

In life, there’s no shortage of advice, especially when it comes to your career. But while family, friends, mentors, and colleagues mean well, sometimes the advice they have to offer won’t teach you what you really need to know.

In my 20-year career working in human resources and now as a chief people officer, I’ve realized that the best opportunities for growth and learning came from the advice I chose not to take. Don’t get me wrong, great wisdom has been passed down to me over the years, but sometimes learning the lessons on my own have molded me along the way. Now, I make sure to share my own pieces of wisdom about finding growth opportunities with colleagues and in programming at my job.

Here are just a few of the tips I happily didn’t follow:

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