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4 hours ago

Alcoa kicks off earnings season with poor results.

  The US-based aluminum giant recorded a third-quarter net income of $44 million, down from $149 million a year earlier. CEO Klaus Kleinfeld explained that currency swings and low commodity prices were to blame; the company’s share price fell 5% in extended trading.
4 hours ago

Netflix announces a price hike.

  In the Americas the company will increase the monthly subscription price for its video streaming service by a dollar (to $9.99) to help pay for new programming costs. The move suggests the company believes it still has strong customer loyalty, despite growing competition from the likes of Hulu and Amazon. It raised its prices in Europe earlier this year.  
4 hours ago

The US Republican party is thrown into chaos.

  Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the frontrunner to become Speaker of the House,abruptly dropped out of the race under pressure from the extreme conservative wing of his party. The decision, which exposes the Republican party’s inability to unify under a single leader, left some GOP lawmakers “audibly crying.”  
4 hours ago

Libya is skeptical of a UN-proposed unity government.

  Ministers from both the Islamist-backed government in Tripoli and the internationally recognized government in the nation’s east rejected a UN power-sharing deal that includes representatives from all regions. Both parliaments must agree to the arrangement for it to go ahead.  
4 hours ago
Chart of the Moment

While Republicans bicker, the US is nearing a debt default that could cripple the global economy.

4 hours ago

A lake in India is so polluted that it sometimes catches fire.

  The toxic froth in Bangalore is covered in a flammable foam.  

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