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Tunisia just had two clean elections—but it could be headed for another Arab Spring

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Europe will vote on whether or not to break up Google on Thursday.

  Even if they decide to go through with it, the European Commission has no authority to force Google to comply. Joaquin Almunia, the former EU competition commissioner, spent four years investigating Google at the request of Microsoft.
3 hours ago

US defense secretary Chuck Hagel resigns.

  Hagel—who has been Obama’s defense secretary since Feb. 2013—served with “class and integrity”, according to US president Barack Obama, but now it’s time for “a different kind of focus”, an unnamed White House official told the New York Times. Hagel will remain in his post until a successor is named.
3 hours ago

Another Chinese rate cut may be in the works.

  Reuters is reporting China’s central bank could slash interest rates again, citing “sources involved in policy-making.” The bank unexpectedly cut rates for the first time in two years last week, which some see as a sign of panic at a slowing economy.
4 hours ago

Apple will donate some of its Black Friday and Cyber Monday income.

  An exact percentage hasn’t been revealed yet, but the money in question will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. The company will create a special section in its online App Store for the sale of 25 applications: all the profits generated there will be donated.
4 hours ago

Tesla is talking to its direct competitor to develop a new battery.

  CEO Elon Musk says he is in negotiations with BMW to possibly collaborate on battery technology and light-weight carbon-fiber body parts. This is while Tesla seeks a piece of the market held by BMW’s successful entry-level Series 3.
4 hours ago

Talks over Iran’s nuclear program have been extended.

  A deal was supposed to be reached today, but that didn’t happen, as Obama’s former advisor to Iran predicted. According to the British foreign secretary, Iran and Western powers will now have an additional seven months to hammer out the details.
November 24, 2014
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Putin says he’ll stay in power for another 10 years

November 24, 2014

The world’s most sophisticated malware is on the loose.

  Cyber security company Symantec said the spying software called Regin was almost certainly created by a nation state, with the United States and Israel the most likely culprits. The sophisticated “back door-type Trojan” has been primarily used against government and business targets in Russia and Saudi Arabia.
November 24, 2014

Samsung may sack its mobile boss.

  The South Korean electronics firm may hand over control of its struggling smartphone unitto the executive who runs its home-appliance and TV business, replacing co-CEO and mobile head J.K. Shin, who oversaw the dramatic ascent and equally steep decline of Samsung’s smartphone profits, the Wall Street Journal reports (paywall).
2 hours ago

A 1,300-year-old book of spells has yielded “cures” and curiosities.

  Researchers have translated a 20-page Egyptian codex, written in Coptic, that offers advice on—among other things—how to make someone love you, how to exorcise a demon, and how to cure diseases. It also contains evidence of extinct religions.

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