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4 hours ago

Samsung misses expectations.

  Second-quarter operating profit fell to 6.9 trillion won ($5.9 billion), down 4% from a year earlier. That fall came largely from difficulties maintaining the supply of its latest handset; the mobile division’s operating profit fell to 2.8 trillion won, from 4.4 trillion won a year earlier.  
4 hours ago

Nintendo powers up.

  The Japanese console maker reported a second-quarter net profit of 8.3 billion yen ($67 million), up from a loss of 9.9 billion yen a year earlier. Nintendo is still trying to drum up sales for its Wii console; the success of a new game—Splatoon—has helped in recent months.  
4 hours ago

Investigators examine a potential piece of the missing MH370.

  A wing component believed to be unique to Boeing 777 aircraft—the same as that used by Malaysia Airlines on the flight that mysteriously went missing last year—has been found washed up on Reunion Island, near Africa. Investigators are working to assess whether it belongs to the missing plane, but authorities urged caution.  
4 hours ago

Facebook reports mounting expenses.

  Its net income attributable to stock holders fell to $715 million in the second quarter, from $788 million a year earlier on increased spending on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus Rift. Facebook said it expects costs to remain high this year, sending the share price down slightly, despite strong revenue.  
4 hours ago
Chart of the Moment

Nearly one billion people use Facebook every single day.

4 hours ago

A London skyscraper is knocking people over.

  The building known for a reflected “death ray” also creates a dangerous wind tunnel.  

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