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Meerkat raises $14 million to compete with Twitter.

  The live-streaming video service’s CEO Ben Rubin announced the fundraising round via a Meerkat live video. Meerkat has been in business for less than a month, and the funding comes after Twitter debuted Periscope, its own live-streaming service.
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Egypt says it would provide ground troops in Yemen.

  Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry said the army would send troops to fight Houthi rebels “if necessary.” This would represent a major escalation, and the conflict in Yemen could become a proxy war between Iranian-allied forces and Iran’s rivals in the Middle East.
1 hour ago

Japan borders on deflation.

  A fall in consumer spending led to a 2% rise in Japan’s core consumer price index in February from a year earlier. But stripping away the effect of last year’s sales tax rise, there was no change in the country’s CPI. Pressure is on the central bank to increase monetary stimulus this year.
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London property finds new growth areas.

  Demand for property in London’s cheaper boroughs led to a 12.9% increase in property value in the 12 months to February, according to property market researcher Hometrack. Demand for cheaper property outweighed single-digit drops in premium central property value.
March 26, 2015

The US may allow Iran to run a limited number of centrifuges.

  In exchange for limits on Iran’s nuclear research and development, the US is considering allowing Iran to run hundreds of centrifuges at a fortified underground bunker, which would be subject to international inspections, according to The Associated Press. The terms are reportedly part of a US push for a nuclear deal between Iran and major world powers.
March 26, 2015

Amazon brings one-hour delivery to another US city.

  The online retailer has expanded its speedy delivery service known as Amazon Prime Now to Dallas, Texas. That brings the total number of US cities offering one-hour delivery of “everyday essentials” to four. New York City came first, in Dec. 2014; Baltimore and Miami were added earlier this month.
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Chart of the Moment

A Heinz-Kraft deal gathers together a lot of junk food that people are turning away from.

March 26, 2015

Brazil’s economic outlook is only getting worse.

  The country’s GDP shrank 0.1% last year, and is set to contract 0.5% this year, according to estimates by Brazil’s central bank in its quarterly inflation report. If the forecast holds, it would be the country’s first return to contracting growth for two years running since the Great Depression.

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