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You can always reach the Quartz newsroom by emailing hi@qz.com or tweeting at @qz. We’re eager to hear from you, read all of our correspondence, and try to respond quickly.

Quartz in social media

If you’re feeling social, you can follow Quartz on Twitter, Facebook, TumblrGoogle+, Sina Weibo, and even App.net. (Oh, and here we are on Foursquare.) We use social media to connect with users, link to our latest stories, and point you to news and resources from around the Web.

Contacting the Quartz staff

Tap or click any byline on Quartz for that writer’s email address, social media accounts, and latest stories. You can also peruse our staff listing for much of that information. Our email addresses tend to be short, but in a pinch, you can reach us at [first intial][lastname]@qz.com.

If you’re having trouble with the site

Please report bugs and other technical issues you may have with Quartz to support@qz.com. We’ll address the issue as soon as we can.


Here’s our RSS feed of all posts: http://qz.com/feed

You can generally obtain the feed for sections of Quartz — obsessions, tags, authors — by adding /feed to the end of the URL.


Members of the press can email Emily Passer for more information.


For inquiries about advertising on Quartz, please email ads@qz.com.

Other contact information

Quartz has staff throughout the world, but our headquarters are in the Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. Our mailing address is 233 Park Avenue South, Second Floor, New York, NY, 10003, USA. Emailing us is faster, though.

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