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News flash: Sometimes Britain is hotter than the Mediterranean

People sit in the sun on deck chairs at Central Pier in Blackpool, northern England.

Brace yourselves, Britain: In the coming days some parts of your normally rainy, windswept country could be hotter than the Mediterranean! Can you believe it? It goes…

Is that all?

We now spend more than eight hours a day consuming media

A ballet dancer uses her smartphone as she stretches backstage before her performance.

If you weren’t reading this article, you would probably be scanning something else on the internet, watching TV, or maybe—just maybe—reading a newspaper or magazine.…

ready for your close-up

A street photographer’s poignant snapshots capture the humans of London

 Alex Sturrock is a photographer who has spent much of his career documenting the lives of ordinary London residents. Sturrock explains how Instagram has “re-energized street photography”…

The Middle East deserves more thoughtful coverage from major US media

Major media outlets in the United States are failing the American public, particularly when the time comes to cover the Middle East and North Africa.…

The real deal

Comcast, investor in Vox Media and Recode, could end up buying them both

Before Vox Media struck a deal to buy Recode, the two digital publishers already had something in common: Comcast, which has invested in both companies and could end…

Down the rabbit hole

A step-by-step guide to successfully sharing your thoughts on Facebook

This post originally appeared at The Cooper Review. Follow Sarah on Facebook at TheSarahCooperReview. We welcome your comments at

Now ScoopWhoop wants to become India’s Buzzfeed+Vice (+Vox)


This post has been updated. This time last year, ScoopWhoop still hadn’t had its first anniversary party, but it’s team of eight people—including five co-founders—were…

Who will recap the recappers?

The first-ever and last-ever Glass Awards for Excellence in Writing About “Mad Men”

Peggy at her typewriter

Mad Men itself was great art, but it also inspired a ton of great writing. We will miss the recaps as much as the episodes…

speaking truth to tyranny

Got $600? You can choose an enlightening book or film to smuggle into North Korea

If you could secretly introduce any film, documentary, podcast, or book of poetry or prose to a North Korean audience, something that would resonate with…

Going Native

Facebook launches its journalism-saving “instant articles.” Here’s how to find them

This post has been updated. Facebook moved one step closer to taking over the internet this morning with the formal launch of “instant articles,” which allows…

Why Verizon is buying AOL for $4.4 billion

Verizon Communications is buying AOL for $4.4 billion to build up its nascent business in video and advertising on mobile phones. The price is $50 per share,…

A local lens

Photos: Getty Images is using Instagram to find photographers in underrepresented communities

A year after Sheryl Sandberg added “Lean In” photos to the Getty Images’ largely homogenous folio of stock photos to show realistic portrayals of women, Getty…

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