An artist painted life-size images that aren’t complete until visitors participate

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Tezi Gabunia’s latest exhibition will never be done. The Georgian artist says each life-sized painting is an unfinished story that can only be completed with participation from the viewer.

The exhibition in Tibilisi entices visitors to interact with each piece, whether that interaction is a game of tug of war or a karate match against a black-belt opponent. Children can stand toe-to-toe with an intimidating boxer, and adults can react to getting a pie in the face.

“It extends the act of interaction by providing each guest with the possibility to create a new artwork themselves,” says Gabunia. “Every plot is based on the visitor’s free choice and creativity. It’s an act of creation.”

Gabunia isn’t surprised that visitors are eager to photograph these moments. He considers uploading those photos to Instagram as the final stage of his interactive artwork.

Watch the video above to see Gabunia’s pieces and some of his other participatory exhibitions.