India’s pay raises are the highest in the world

Climbing up the pay ladder.
Climbing up the pay ladder.
Image: Reuters/Amit David
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Most workers worldwide will see smaller raises this year compared to 2012.

US workers’ pay increases are rising, according to a new global salary survey from WorldatWork, employer-focused research organization global salary. This year, raises will average 2.9% and in 2014 3.1% from the lows of 2.2% in 2009.

The largest raises this year go to workers in India, who will average 10.5% gains, though WorldatWork noted most of that will be eaten up by inflation. The smallest raises are showing up in paychecks in Spain and Japan, where workers will receive a 2.4% increase.

Both China and Brazil saw average wages slide almost a full percentage point from last year to this year. Many HR managers though forecast an uptick in 2014.

Here’s a look at WorldatWork’s average raises:

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