Conference speakers are now presenting during attendees’ flights to the events

Event-ful flight.
Event-ful flight.
Image: Courtesy Lufthansa
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Executives attending the dmexco marketing conference in Cologne, Germany, in September, can start the event programming in New York beforehand as they board a Lufthansa flight to their destination.

During the overnight New York-Frankfurt flight, five speakers will deliver live presentations to a video camera, which passengers will be able to view on their phones and laptops via the plane’s wifi. The passengers will afterward be able to ask questions of the speakers in the cabin.

It’s a gimmicky extension of the conference experience, which Lufthansa has been offering since 2016 for events including South by Southwest.

Traveling with fellow conference-goers is potentially an exclusive networking benefit. Sitting through speeches during an overnight flight—that might appeal exclusively to the most avid of conference-goers.