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What if a smart device can detect if somebody else is taking off your clothes?

MIT researcher Manisha Mohan created such a device, that she has called Intrepid. It’s a smart sticker that’s intended to detect, communicate, and prevent sexual assault. It’s connected to your phone via Bluetooth and it can attach to any piece of clothing. Check out the video above to see it.

To use the device, the wearer needs to download an accompanying app on their phone, and enter five contacts who will be called or sent a text in any case of emergency. The app will also record encounters when there’s no timely response from the wearer, which can be used in court, should there be future legal proceedings.

Mohan says she has tested the device on about 70 people to see if they feel comfortable using it, and found that different people attach to the stickers to different pieces of clothing based on their habits. She says most people found the sticker pretty non-intrusive. 

And in case you’re wondering, she says the sticker can survive even if you accidentally run it through the wash cycle.