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Polish scientists have been mixing insects into cakes and sticking them in salad in an effort to make the idea of eating insects a little more appetizing.

Why? Well, if we don’t double food production in the next thirty years we’re not going to have enough to feed the world. Insects could be a cheap—and importantly, a really efficient—source of protein. Insects don’t produce as much methane as cows and they’re chock-full of protein. They’re also able to turn a lot of what we throw away into energy, so we’d be cutting down on global waste.

The problem is that at first look, they’re kind of gross.

While mealworm chocolate cake might be the answer, a neater solution might be to grind insects like mealworms into a powder. From there you could mix them into smoothies or make an insect powder pattie.

Watch the video above to see some of the recipes the scientists are coming up with.