The Daily Show is trolling Trump’s “made in America” video

Sometimes it’s just too easy for the comedy writers.
Sometimes it’s just too easy for the comedy writers.
Image: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque
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US president Donald Trump got elected in part by vowing to make American manufacturing great again. This week, to encourage people to buy American-made products, the Trump White House launched a “made in America” campaign to promote American manufacturing and showcase US-made goods, complete with what is apparently meant to be an inspirational video featuring a soaring score and shots of American-made products.

The Daily Show decided to create its own version of the video, only theirs reflects the fact that Trump’s own line of clothes and ties, as well as the fashion line (paywall) created by daughter and adviser Ivanka, are largely made overseas. It tweeted the video out today (July 19). Check it out for emotional music over shots of “Made in China” labels and foreign workers laboring.

The original video released by the White House has a decidedly different tone. “Made in America, it’s the best,” Trump proclaims before the video launches into shots of body armor, golf clubs, donuts, and the president himself cocking a baseball bat for a swing. It ends with footage of Trump signing what appears to be an executive order, an act that itself has been parodied repeatedly.