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Estonian inventor, Mikhel Joala, hasn’t got an artistic bone in his body, he says. But, like many of us, he wanted to make art.

Last week, Joala painted a thirty-meter high mural on an industrial chimney—thanks to a robot armed with five cans of spray paint.

Joala created the image on a computer, which converted the drawing into millions of dots, each with individual coordinates. The robot pulled itself up and down the chimney for over fourteen hours spraying different colored dots as it went. Check out the video above to watch it in action and see the finished result.

Joala is working on creating both a commercial and a home-use version. He already sells a “smart handprinter.” The contraption, which you stick atop a spray paint can, communicates with your smartphone to spray dots according to the coordinates programed on your phone. In this case, you provide the labor, by moving your arm back and forth against the wall. The results seem pretty satisfying—especially if you have the desire to make art but not the talent.