Instagramming your food can actually make it taste better

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Go ahead. Be a little basic at brunch.

Researchers from Saint Joseph’s University and the University of San Diego found that people who ate indulgent foods, such as caramel apples or red velvet cake, thought that their food was tastier if they snapped a photo before taking their first bite.

Participants in the experiment were divided into two groups and given a healthy or unhealthy food. Half the participants in each group were instructed to take a picture of their food before eating, and the other half were allowed to eat right away.

On average, those who took pictures of indulgent foods gave higher scores in a subsequent taste and attitude evaluation than those who simply ate without documenting. Researchers believe this happened because when taking a picture, people paid more attention to the food’s aesthetics and smell. In other words, they savored the experience more.

Participants in the health food group did not show the same results. There was no big difference in the taste evaluations between those who took a photo and those who didn’t. However, when participants were told that others were eating healthy foods around them, they tended to give their food higher taste and attitude ratings.