Watch a horde of robots dance their way to a Guinness world record

Image: Reuters/China Stringer Network
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When the robot revolution comes, it will be executed with a cold efficiency, with wave after wave of robots acting in perfect synchronization, coming to terminate your existence.

But until then, many of today’s robots are just adorable toys that can dance or tell bad jokes. Take, for example, the $230 Dobi robot, produced by Chinese manufacturer WL Intelligent Technology. The company recently lined up 1,069 of them in Guangzhou, China, to dance (appropriately to a techno beat) in unison for your viewing pleasure:

This feat earned them a Guinness World Record for the most robots dancing simultaneously, surpassing the previous record of 1,007 robots set earlier this year—because apparently there is now a Guinness World Record for everything imaginable.

Although these robots are cute now, imagine what technology could allow gangs of robots to accomplish—like drones carrying assault rifles, or even human-sized robots reprogrammed to stab you. It’s a brave new world.