A California business is offering free data recovery for wet phones damaged in Hurricane Harvey

Under water.
Under water.
Image: Reuters/Richard Carson
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In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, hundreds of thousands of Texas residents are cleaning out their flooded homes. Some may find their digital memories have been lost to the storm, too: Family photos, business files, and financial records all casualties of water-logged phones and devices.

A California-based company, DriveSavers, announced it will help by retrieving lost data from mobile phones, laptops, hard drives, and other devices that were damaged in Hurricane Harvey—free for affected Texas residents.

Those who are interested can call DriveSavers at (800) 440-1904 for more information or visit its website. There’s a limit of one device per household or business, with discounts for additional data-recovery services. The cut-off is Sept. 15.

Other data-recovery companies like Flashback Data and Data Medics are offering discounts to those affected.

DriveSavers says it will accept as many devices as it can manage.