Watch: There were zero airplanes flying over the state of Florida last night as Hurricane Irma moved through

Flights over Florida as of Sunday evening
Flights over Florida as of Sunday evening
Image: Flightradar24.com
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Over the past two days, airplanes slowly began diverting away from the path of Hurricane Irma, and on Sunday there wasn’t a single plane to be found over the entire state.

Airline ticket prices reportedly skyrocketed in the past week as residents attempted to flee the state early, though some airlines instituted price caps and offered discounted airfare in certain markets. Flights over the state became increasingly scarce on the afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 9.

This time lapse of flights over Florida, made with maps from Flightradar24.com, shows the dispersion of airplanes over the weekend. Flights always decrease during the night, but by Sunday morning the Floridian skies were almost entirely of airplanes—if not clouds.

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