The days of typewritten memos are a distant memory, and virtually anyone with a job agrees that email is vital to a functioning business. This dependence makes it a prime tool for hackers, who seize upon our close relationship with email to trick us into opening malware or falling for a phishing scam.

The sheer volume of email we receive adds to our ability to be susceptible to hacking schemes planted within email. We are conditioned to read and respond quickly, without spending time questioning the origin and contents of each message. Often, email is also the place where we manage our most important and sensitive matters, making us even more vulnerable to hackers.

The task of scrutinizing each and every email is too daunting on an individual level and a massive task for an IT department. Instead, what is often required is a software-based solution like AT&T Secure Email Gateway. This software helps enterprises of all sizes preemptively stave off advanced, persistent malware and phishing threats. When more companies take a stronger stance on email security, hackers may start rethinking email as their evergreen weapon of choice.

AT&T Secure Email Gateway provides email security protection that screens email and filters out known and suspected threats.

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