Two British science museums held a majestic, two-day fight on Twitter

Evolution versus innovation.
Evolution versus innovation.
Image: Reuters/Hannah McKay
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Twitter battles tend to descend into a dumpster fire of insults. But when a duel emerged between two of Britain’s most prestigious museums, it wasn’t just entertaining, it was educational.

A Twitter user started it all with an innocent question:

Who would win in a staff battle between @sciencemuseum and @NHM_London, what exhibits/items would help you be victorious? #askacurator

— Bednarz (@bednarz) September 13, 2017

The NHM responded gloriously:

We have dinosaurs. No contest.

— NaturalHistoryMuseum (@NHM_London) September 13, 2017

But the Science Museum wasn’t going to take that lying down:

@NHM_London is full of old fossils, but we have robots, a Spitfire and ancient poisons. Boom! #AskACurator

— Science Museum (@sciencemuseum) September 13, 2017

What followed was a battle of science and wits that was highly entertaining to watch. Here are just a few replies:

We have robot dinosaurs, Pterodactyls and the most venomous creatures on Earth. Plus volcanoes and earthquakes … And vampire fish.

— NaturalHistoryMuseum (@NHM_London) September 13, 2017

Jenny Haniver sees your merman, never bring a nuke to an earth-shattering meteorite fight, and our cockroach specimens w/ survive us all ;)

— NaturalHistoryMuseum (@NHM_London) September 13, 2017

There is never just one cockroach. And we quietly melt your plastics with our lava.

— NaturalHistoryMuseum (@NHM_London) September 13, 2017

*Game of Thrones theme music* Send in the (sea)-dragons… (from The Book of the Great Sea-Dragons by Thomas Hawkins, 1840).

— NaturalHistoryMuseum (@NHM_London) September 13, 2017

After two days of ferocious fun, the museums, which are within walking distance of each other in London, ended their battle perfectly:

‘Over…’ [End credits start rolling to Game of Thrones outro music]

— NaturalHistoryMuseum (@NHM_London) September 14, 2017