Binge watching Netflix can be damaging to your health—but you shouldn’t necessarily stop

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Sometimes, it’s hard to stop watching.

TV show creators have gotten very good at crafting worlds that envelop us with a combination of complex narrative, astonishing detail, captivating characters and suspense. Suddenly it’s hard to leave, and other concerns—like sleep—seem less pressing.

For the first time, scientists have studied the relationship between binge watching and sleep, and the results are as you might expect: People who binge watch are more stimulated before going to bed, and almost twice as likely to have insomnia or feel fatigued.  But they didn’t find this to be the case for people who simply watched a bunch of different TV shows—meaning bingeing is affecting the body in a completely unique way.

Despite these health concerns, however, the researchers say their study does not mean that people should necessarily stop. Watch the video above to learn their explanation of why.