Charted: The toymakers Toys R Us owes money to

Hey, doll, we have a problem.
Hey, doll, we have a problem.
Image: Reuters/Stephen Hird
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It can’t all be fun and games for toymakers these days, especially when they’re on the other end of the Toys R Us bankruptcy.

The big-box toy seller, founded in 1957, came too late to internet sales to save its business. Facing $400 million in debt due in 2018, the company has filed for bankruptcy protection. The creditors to whom Toys R Us owe big, make everything from cribs to scooters and all of the pink plastic princess product that once upon a time caused meltdowns among little Cinderella lovers in store aisles across America.

According to the Washington Post, Toys R Us is on the hook for $7.5 billion, owing money to nearly every toymaker in the US, and that is causing “widespread panic.” Here is a chart of some of the top creditors, their popular toys and their parent companies: