49% of Republicans and 84% of Dems would like @realDonaldTrump muted

Zip it.
Zip it.
Image: Reuters photo
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This week an employee exiting Twitter shut down President Trump’s account on the way out. This is not fake news, because even President Trump acknowledged it.

The timing is interesting. It’s nearly one year since the US election, a moment to reflect on a chasm that has only widened between Republicans and Democrats. To see what has changed, we looked at data in a poll from online marketing company Fluent. It confirms that this whole year, Republicans think President Trump is on the right track with everything from family values to foreign policy, while Democrats definitely don’t. Our graphic of the poll lays that out below.

That’s not surprising; however, there is one super-interesting set of data points. Americans may be incredibly polarized at this moment in history, but there is one thing that they’re increasingly in agreement on: @realDonaldTrump.

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The data suggest that many Americans would be just fine if the 11 minutes of silence from the President’s account could have continued. Or at least, many on both sides of the political spectrum would be grateful if Twitter could provide a mute button.