Twitter users are having a field day mocking Trump after he insulted Kim Jong-un

Killing it in Asia.
Killing it in Asia.
Image: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
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Perhaps Donald Trump wanted to act like a teenager to counter North Korean leader Kim Jong-un calling him “an old lunatic.” Whatever the case, a tweet by the US president from over the weekend is being compared to something a child might might compose.

The “clever” bit, of course, is that, in a roundabout way, he called Kim short and fat. The question is why the president of the United States is trying to come up with zingers in the first place. As president, Trump has access the US nuclear codes—a situation described as “pretty damn scary” by James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, in August. Trump thinking it acceptable to use Twitter to taunt a foreign leader also capable of sparking a nuclear conflict will do nothing to allay such fears. US lawmakers will meet tomorrow (Nov. 14) to reassess Trump’s nuclear authority.

In the meantime, Twitter users had a field day noting how juvenile Trump’s insult was: