Tesla has unveiled the new Roadster, its luxury sports car

Back again.
Back again.
Image: Twitter/Tesla
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Tesla is bringing back the car that first got it attention.

At an event in Hawthorne, California, just after sharing details about the upcoming Tesla Semi truck, Musk announced that it will release a new version of the Roadster, its luxury sports car. To mark the occasion, the car rolled out of the back of the Tesla Semi being launched to the surprise of an eager audience.

Details are scarce, but Musk said that the vehicle will accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds. It will contain a 200 kilowatt battery pack, and can travel 620 miles on a single charge. Reservations will cost $50,000, and the the car’s “base price” will be $200,000.

Musk said the vehicle will go into production in 2020.

The Roadster was Tesla’s first ever car. The company began selling it in 2008, and discontinued production in 2012. Its original launch was riddled with production and engineering problems, and only 2,400 units were sold to consumers. But the car has received credit for helping drum up excitement around EVs. Now that Tesla is more widely-known and trusted, it’s possible the Roadster’s next iteration will sell much better than the first.