Apple as seen by Taiwanese animators: Tim Cook teleports to Tiananmen Square, kowtows to a panda

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Apple’s iPhone-charger exchange-program, which came on the heels of the electrocutions of two people with fake iPhone charges in China, appears to have captured the imagination of Next Media Animation (NMA), those Taiwanese fellows who animate the news. Though the animators’ take on the news is sometimes humorous and often pointless, today’s video is far more surreal. It involves pandas, teleportation, meandering bulls, CCTV newsreaders, Tim Cook, wizards, hospital rooms and lots of electrocution.

There is no denying that that Apple wants to please customers in China, its second largest market. It’s also clear that China is out to get Apple because the country wants to boost domestic firms. But in the telling of the story by Taiwanese animators, it’s hard to tell who comes across looking worse.