These 7-foot robot arms give their operator superhuman strength

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The Power Loader from Aliens is now a reality—except this one is even more powerful.

Designed and built by US robotics company Sarcos, the Guardian GT has 7-foot arms that can each lift up to 500 pounds and execute dextrous maneuvers such as turning a valve or pushing a button. Unlike the clunky Power Loader, this dual-limbed robot is kinematically equivalent to the human body, which means its arms move simultaneously with their human operator, at the same speed.

“Instead of lifting a thousand pounds, you feel like you’re lifting five,” Sarcos CEO Ben Wolff told Wired. The robot is meant for use in heavy industry, and for dangerous tasks like exploring and cleaning toxic environments.

The Guardian GT also sends real-time video and force feedback to its operator, which means they see (via custom goggles) from the robot’s point of view, and also feel pressure when its arms make contact with objects. Because it’s so intuitive, even people without training can use the machine. That should be helpful when the aliens arrive.