These are the most popular video games ever on YouTube

Unclear how many Minecraft YouTube videos she’s watched.
Unclear how many Minecraft YouTube videos she’s watched.
Image: AP Photo/Martin Meissner
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While we may no longer be in the “golden age” of gaming, people are spending billions on video games and playing them for hours a week, more so than ever before. So it should come as little surprise that gamers are spending hours on YouTube researching and learning how to play those games, or just watching others play them.

The game that the most people have watched videos of is Minecraft, according to Let’s Play Index, a site that tracks and analyzes Youtube content related to gaming. The blocky world-building game (which Microsoft acquired in 2014) has sold over 122 million copies since it was first released in 2011, and its fans have watched 182,300 videos uploaded to YouTube 53.5 billion times, for a total of nearly 2,640 days’ worth of viewing time.

Here’s the top 100 most popular games, based on YouTube video views: