Bill O’Reilly wants you to pay $50 to watch him explain sexual harassment by powerful men

He’s back, for a price.
He’s back, for a price.
Image: AP Photo/Richard Drew
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Hypocrisy is so in right now.

Matt Lauer’s Today show interview with Bill O’Reilly has now become the most hypocritical interview in history. In it, Lauer grills the former Fox News host on the multi-million-dollar settlements paid on his behalf to women who accused him of sexual misconduct. “Think about those women,” Lauer urges his guest, in a moment of profound irony.

O’Reilly, never one to admit much wrongdoing, doesn’t take the bait. “In 42 years, not one time did I have an interaction with HR or any complaints filed against me,” O’Reily says. “This was a political and financial hit job,” he says of his April 2017 dismissal from Fox News.

Bouncing back from said “hit job,” O’Reilly created No Spin News, a 30-minute-long online show. Critiquing topics like microaggressions and racism against indigenous Americans—topics on which O’Reilly, a rich white man, deems himself very credible—”No Spin” mirrors the pugnacious conservative punditry that made The O’Reilly Factor America’s most-viewed primetime cable-news show.

And tonight (Nov. 30), O’Reilly will be mansplaining a topic he’s truly an expert on: sexual harassment. He shared the news on Twitter:

There’s no description yet of the upcoming report online, though it appears the episode will cover O’Reilly’s perspective on Matt Lauer’s firing, tax reform, and “an outrageous infringement of freedom in DC.”

Exciting, right? Only hangup: To watch O’Reilly’s very important analysis you have to pay a cool 50 bucks. That’s the cost of annual premium membership to O’Reilly’s site, the fee required to watch any of his “exclusive content.”

According to the site, “thousands are becoming part of the Bill O’Reilly Elite,” a status earned with premium membership. If you’re conflicted about signing up, know that membership comes with one of many free books or DVDs from O’Reilly about death (Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, Killing Jesus, Killing Patton, and Hitler’s Last Days to name a few). Even better, if you gift Bill O’Reilly Elite membership, you can also receive a free “WE SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS” doormat!

All perks aside, the chance to watch one of America’s most repulsive media figures go over the travails of similarly misogynistic fools—and the companies that employ them—is, shall we say, priceless.