Roy Moore may have just challenged Jimmy Kimmel to a duel

Ready to fight.
Ready to fight.
Image: AP Photo/Brynn Anderson
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Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel have been firing shots at each other on social media today (Nov. 30). Now Moore, a conservative judge who has been accused of (and denied) sexually assaulting girls (paywall), has told Kimmel he’d rather settle their differences face to face.

Kimmel responded in his characteristic sardonic fashion.

The brawl started after a comedian that has appeared on Kimmel’s show, Tony Barbieri, crashed a church service at which Moore was speaking. Barbieri, who was pretending to be a Moore supporter named Jake Byrd, stepped up to defend Moore when a protestor interrupted the service. “That’s a man’s man,” Barbieri yelled. “Does that look like the face of a molester?”

The incident incensed many conservatives, who saw it as an attack on their religion.

Later on Nov. 30, Moore suggested that his intention wasn’t to come to blows with Kimmel—at least not in church.

Kimmel accepted the offer—without letting go of the joke

Crisis averted?