Do “what good Christians do,” say LGBTQ Republicans in a pointed political ad: Reject Roy Moore

Family values.
Family values.
Image: LogCabin.ORG
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Log Cabin Republicans, the thousands-strong right-wing LGBTQ group, has strong message for other Christians: Reject Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore.

Moore has been accused by several women of sexually assaulting them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. Nevertheless, Republicans including Donald Trump and some Christian groups say he still has their support.

In an ad released late last week in Alabama, the Log Cabin Republicans appropriate the same language that’s been aimed at same-sex couples in the past, to criticize Moore: There’s a “war on Christianity, happening right in our midst. Morals are decaying, the very fabric of America is being torn apart,” the ad says. “It’s a time for choosing. We can’t stand on the sidelines anymore.”

“It’s time for good Christians to do what good Christians do—reject Roy Moore.”



As a state judge in Alabama, Moore defied the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same sex marriage, and once said he believed homosexuality should be illegal. Moore “has spent his entire career using his bigoted brand of Christianity as a weapon to relentlessly attack members of the LGBT community, all the while allegedly preying upon the most vulnerable in our society,” president Gregory T. Angelo explained in a press release. He points out that many LGBT individuals are “devout Christians themselves.”

Log Cabin Republicans didn’t endorse Donald Trump, but were initially hopeful about his administration, in part because he featured an openly gay speaker at the Republican convention. Since Trump took office, however, his administration has systematically moved to destroy rights of America’s approximately 10 million LGBTQ citizens.

Moore has a slight lead over his Democratic challenger Doug Jones in the most recent polls. The special election for Alabama’s Senate seat is Dec. 12.