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New York is the most expensive city in the world to visit for business

Start opening your wallet.
Start opening your wallet.
Image: Reuters/Chip East
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New York has outranked Tokyo and London as the most expensive place in the world to travel for business.

Expert Market, a business-to-business office equipment marketer, collated and crunched the numbers from Business Travel News’s 2017 Corporate Travel Index, and calculated the average daily cost for sending an employee to 100 American cities and 100 non-US cities.

The results showed that while four out of the top 10 most expensive business trips to take are in Europe, US cities dominated the top spots.


New York came out on top, mainly because hotel prices averaged $385 per employee, per night. London also can blame expensive travel costs on hotel rooms, which cost, on average, $235 per staff member, per night.

The cheapest major city in the world to travel for business is Johannesburg in South Africa, with the average daily cost amounting to just $174.