Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin wants your next vacation to be in space

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What’s the point of paying for a trip to space if you can’t enjoy the view?

That’s why Blue Origin has redesigned its new crew capsule to have giant windows—”the largest in space,” according to the company—for when it starts taking tourists past the Earth’s outer atmosphere by early 2019. At least, that’s assuming the company doesn’t have to push back its timeline again.

Getting civilians into space will be a huge deal. But manned suborbital flights aren’t Blue Origin’s endgame. Within a few years, the company plans to have heavy-lift rockets capable of competing with SpaceX for orbital missions. Blue Origin has already reached some major milestones, like successfully testing a new liquid-oxygen and methane engine. But delivering astronauts and supplies to orbit will still require some major technological progress.

Watch the video above to check out the view from Blue Origin’s first test flight of its new crew capsule on Dec. 12.