The Mac is about to be an iPad with a keyboard and no touchscreen

He looks happy.
He looks happy.
Image: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez
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A new report from Bloomberg today (Dec. 20) suggests that Apple is planning to tie together the development process for apps on its iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer platforms. Traditionally, developers have been able to submit one app that can function in two different ways for iPhones and iPads, but they’ve had to build entirely separate programs for Apple’s computers.

Come next year, developers will be able to build one program that works on touchscreens, as well as for mice and keyboards. This suggests that some of the App Store’s 2.2 million iOS apps may be coming to Mac computers, and could be a boon to users who find discrepancies between the upgrade cycles of apps they use on mobile and computers. As Bloomberg points out, Twitter’s iOS apps are often immediately updated with the latest features, whereas its Mac app often languishes far behind.

It’s unclear whether this means Apple will merge its App and Mac stores into one unified store, but duplication seems unlikely. Apple wasn’t immediately available to discuss its plans.

Perhaps the move could meant that, in the near future, years after its competitors have done so, Apple will finally be launching a touchscreen Mac, given that the Mac is once again outselling the iPad. Or perhaps it’s just Apple doubling down the idea that a computer and an iPad are the same thing.