Chinese companies at CES love putting their hometowns in their names

Image: AP Photo/Kin Cheung)
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There are roughly 4,500 companies and organizations attending this year’s CES consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, next week, according to the Consumer Technology Association, the group that hosts the show. Companies range from the massive, like Samsung, LG and Sony, to the minuscule. Some sell original products, many try to knock off whatever’s currently popular in consumer electronics right now, and some just make components they hope other companies will find useful.

But one thing that seems to tie many of the companies coming to the show from Asia is their love of putting where they’re from in their names. Around 10% of all the companies listed as attending CES on the show’s website, nearly 500 companies, have the word “Shenzhen”—a high-tech city in China where much of the West’s gadgets are now produced—in their name.

Shenzhen is far and away the most common place name on the docket, followed distantly by Dongguan, another Chinese manufacturing hub, with 78 mentions. Beijing, China’s capital, was next on the list with 44 mentions. (The US got 94 mentions in total, but it’s worth pointing out that many of the companies attending with “USA” or “America” in their names are just the US arms of multinational companies, like Nokia USA, Samsung Electronics America, and Volkswagen Group of America.)

Quartz will be on the ground at CES all next week, hopefully finding out what differentiates Shenzhen Aeon Technology Co., Ltd. from Shenzhen Aita Technology Co., Ltd., or Shenzhen Anet Technology Co., Ltd. from Shenzhen Anthy Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Antop Technology Co., Ltd., or the other 477 companies from Shenzhen from each other.

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