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At 14-feet high, Matthew Mohr has a big head.

Looking like a prop from Blade Runner, it sits in the atrium of the Columbus, Ohio convention center, where, as a public art installation, it has garnered wide attention for its commentary on social media, modern art and, well, ego.

Mohr’s installation, called As We Are, is an interactive display featuring a stack of curved LED screens that taper to form the shape of a human head, 17 times larger than life. The displays offer a 360-degree image of anyone who visits the museum and sits inside a closed-off booth where 29 digital cameras capture a 3D image of the person’s face and head. The images are stitched together and displayed for about three minutes, offering visitors a chance at the ultimate selfie.

Mohr, an Associate Professor of Advertising and Design at Columbus College of Art and Design, said that the intent of the piece is to “reconsider oneself in a unique context, to consider that representation in a public setting, and to re-contextualize people from different cultures and backgrounds.”

During the day, the sculpture faces the atrium, allowing visitors to snap their own selfies with the massive head, a kind of meta-selfie. Then at night it rotates to face the street, glowing eerily at passersby.