Donald Trump’s speaking slot at Davos is definitely not prime-time

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Traditionally, Fridays at the week-long World Economic Forum conference in Davos have been quietly reserved for relaxation, downtime on the slopes, or early flights home. This year, Donald Trump’s adding a little excitement to a slow day.

The US president, one of the weeklong event’s most-anticipated speakers, is scheduled to speak on Friday January 26th at 2pm, according to a preliminary program that was confirmed by the White House. Trump will speak for 45 minutes in a “special address” open to all attendees in the Congress Hall, the conference’s biggest stage.

High profile guests usually speak earlier in the week, although Friday is still officially a part of the conference, with a full schedule of events. Last year, former US secretary of state John Kerry spoke on Tuesday, for example. The most prominent Friday speaker that year was Turkey’s deputy prime minster.

Trump announced last week he’d attend the conference, which has become synonymous with the very globalization he campaigned against. He arrives on Thursday, Jan. 25, while other members of his administration are expected to appear on panels throughout the week.

His appearance at the conference is expected to amp up already robust protests against capitalism that are a feature of the annual event. Last weekend, 500 demonstrators marched in Bern with anti-Trump and anti-globalization signs, Reuters reported. Over 5,000 Swiss soldiers have been drafted to protect the city, in addition to 1,000 local police.

Trump’s address will also conflict with a much-anticipated annual lunch thrown by Thomson Reuters at a ski resort, which has traditionally included complimentary ski gear and lift passes.