Google will now let you mute those ads that follow you all over the web

Android users were never given a way to opt out
Android users were never given a way to opt out
Image: Reuters/Morris Mac Matzen
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Once Google’s algorithm thinks you want a product, it can be like a dog with a bone: It won’t let you go. The ads follow you everywhere around the web where Google ad services are used (read: everywhere), regardless if you’re no longer interested in the item.

Today (Jan. 25), Google is rolling out a new feature to mute those “reminder ads” that haunt you around the internet, the company said in a blog post. The mute will last for 90 days, which Google says should extend beyond the range of most reminder ads.

The mute feature will sync across all devices where you’re logged in with the same Google account.

Google has another ad-muting feature it launched in 2012, which banishes a specific advertisement that a user found irrelevant or inappropriate. The company boasted that millions of people are muting their ads every day with that option. It’s now expanding this feature across devices and putting the button in more places across partner websites.

All in all, more control over what you see on the internet is a good thing. To tinker with these settings, head to your Google account settings and click on Ad Settings.