Other Congress members, including Democratic representative Stephanie Murphy of Florida, will arrive with Puerto Ricans who were displaced to the continental United States by the hurricane.

The economy

A handful of Republicans are seeking to focus on the economy by inviting business owners. Michigan representative John Moolenaar will bring Greg “Ryno” Rynearson, a former police officer who owns a small bakery chain called Cops and Doughnuts.

Representative Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, is sending a dual message with his guest: Tommy Fisher is the president of one of the construction companies chosen to build prototypes for Trump’s long-promised border wall between the US and Mexico. Tennessee representative Chuck Fleischmann, meanwhile, is bringing Loong Yong, a Malaysian immigrant who owns an engineering firm, whom Fleischmann calls “a great American success story.”

Other issues

There will be at least a couple of statements on violence. Representative Elise Stefanik, a Republican of New York, invited Sarah Pratt, the daughter of a police officer who was killed on the job. Representative Dan Kildee, a Democrat from Michigan, is coming with activist and pastor Jeffery Hawkins, whose two sons were killed with guns.

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” will be the guest of Republican representative Jim Bridenstine, from Oklahoma. Bridenstine was a staunch climate change denier until he was nominated to lead NASA, and has since found Nye’s support.

Representative Charlie Crist, a Florida Democrat, will show up with medical marijuana patient Dani Hall to protest the Department of Justice’s decision to empower US prosecutors to go after the marijuana trade in states where pot has been legalized.

No shows

Others politicians will make their statements by boycotting the address altogether. At least 11 Democratic members of Congress announced they won’t show up. Several, including Georgia representative and civil rights icon John Lewis were spurred by Trump’s alleged racist comments about Africa and Haiti earlier this month. Others, such as Illinois representative Jan Schakowsky object to the president’s behavior in general.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will also be skipping the speech. Though she didn’t miss a single State of the Union during Obama’s eight years, the judge happens to be scheduled to speak in Rhode Island tomorrow.

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