One of Trump’s religious advisors posted a video tirade against flu shots

Why have a shot when you can have Jesus?
Why have a shot when you can have Jesus?
Image: AP Photo/David Goldman
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This winter’s flu has been the worst in the US in quite some time, with record numbers of hospitalizations, ER visits, and deaths. According to the CDC, 9.7% of all US deaths in the first week of February were due to the flu and pneumonia. Fifty-three kids have died from the flu this year. The levels of deaths due to the flu are above the seasonal threshold all over the country.

But not everyone agrees on what’s happening: Gloria Copeland, a minister who sat on the executive evangelical board of Trump’s 2016 campaign, sure does not.

“It’s NOT flu season!” Copeland wrote in the caption of a video posted on her and her husband Kenneth’s ministries official page on Facebook. “Yes, you heard it right,” she continues, explaining that the flu isn’t happening because “because Jesus bore ALL our sickness on the cross. This includes the flu!”

In the video, Copeland warns watchers not to believe the fact that the flu is spreading, and says “we already had our shot [..] Jesus himself gave us a flu shot, he redeemed us from the curse of flu.”

Praying for those with the flu, Copeland provided an innovative spin to anti-vaccination sentiment, encouraging people to “inoculate yourself with the words of god” by repeating that they did not have the symptoms of the flu.

The video went viral mainly as a laughing matter, but comments posted below it show that many share Copeland’s trust in faith-based flu vaccinations.