The one thing people can’t wait to give up for Lent this year? Twitter.

Image: Reuters/Pool
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According to a Twitter tracker from the website Open Bible, the top thing the platform’s users say they are giving up for the Christian season of Lent is “social networking,” with the modern-day vice beating out such staples as chocolate, alcohol, and meat.

The tracker is being updated in real time with tweets from the week of Feb. 11, and as of this writing, it was using data from about 13,500 tweets (h/t MarketWatch). Giving up Twitter itself was the number two Lenten resolution, whereas Facebook took spot number 7, and Snapchat came in 16th. Overall, technology is the second most popular category, after food.  ”Social networking” includes variations of the term, including “social media,” the tracker’s administrator told Quartz. 

For the past two years, social networking came in second when the tracker concluded its run (this year it will end on Feb.17), and different terms related to social media have been in the top ten over the past several years, with their popularity, or, in this case, unpopularity, growing. 

The tracker is of course not scientific, and judging by some of the tweets, there’s plenty of sarcasm to the posts—people want to give up “Catholicism,” “Lent” itself, and even “hope.” But the totals do suggest that many people are feeling social media fatigue, and see it as a detrimental force in their lives.