Amazon Prime is more popular than Donald Trump

Pick your favorite oligarch.
Pick your favorite oligarch.
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In threatening Amazon, Donald Trump is taking on a truly massive challenge: Jeff Bezos’s company is indisputably more popular than the US president.

About 63 million Americans voted for Trump in 2016. Depending on whose estimate you take, the number of American households—which can include one or more individuals—that subscribe to Amazon Prime could be nearly 50% higher than his voter total, between 60 million and 90 million.

Look closer at that data and Trump’s gambit looks even riskier. The US Census Bureau estimates there were 227 million voting-age Americans in 2016, meaning Trump won the support of only about 28% of those old enough to vote.

The bureau estimates there are 117.8 million households in the US, with 2.64 people per household. That means that, at the lowest estimate for Amazon subscribers, 158.4 million people had access to a Prime subscription in 2017 (though not all of those are eligible voters). If the higher estimate is accurate, 76% of American households subscribe to Prime.

Consider that Prime households actively pay around $99 per year to Amazon, while Trump voters merely had go out and cast a ballot, and the tech giant wins the popularity contest hands down.