How to securely institute BYOD in the workplace

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Strictly business.
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Businesses today require multi-platform adaptability. Achieving this kind of universal accessibility used to involve a long period of costly transition and employee adjustment, but now VMware’s new Fusion 6 Professional software makes it easy.

Specifically designed for IT professionals who want to allow corporate users to run Windows programs on Macs, Fusion 6 Professional makes it easy for organizations to offer their employees the technological flexibility they need to compete. Of course, Fusion 6 Professional offers employees the ability to easily and quickly run Windows applications on a Mac without switching machines or rebooting. But it also provides organizations with a suite of powerful features that go above and beyond a basic virtual machine.

Easy to deploy and manage

It has never been easier to tap into the proven reliability of a network of virtual machines. Fusion 6 Professional includes powerful administration tools to help organizations easily deploy and maintain the most appropriate environment for their needs, whether that is managing developers who need to work with several different operating systems, offering contractors quick access to necessary company assets, or helping professionals use graphics-based applications more efficiently.

More secure than ever

It’s never been more important to protect organizational data and machines–research shows that millions of company data breaches are attempted every week. Fusion 6 Professional gives administrators the power to create and enforce their own policies, including the ability to restrict access after a period of time and advanced encryption for external devices. That way, organizations can ensure that only those who are trusted with the most important assets can access them.

A better way to BYOD

More and more, employees want to use their personal devices to stay on top of their work–and nearly three-quarters of organizations are now encouraging them to do so. Fusion 6 Professional empowers companies to encourage their employees to bring their own PC to the workplace by mitigating potential concerns about the compatibility of operating systems, new or old.

The bottom line: with Fusion 6 Professional, organizations can bolster their data security, improve employee mobility, and establish a network of interactivity without the hassle of overthrowing their existing infrastructure–all for less than the price of a single new laptop.

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