Americans are happier with streaming video than their old TV subscriptions

Nice and easy does the trick.
Nice and easy does the trick.
Image: Netflix
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America’s pay-TV and internet services are two of the most-hated industries in the country, but customers love their streaming platforms.

Companies like Netflix and Twitch are raising the bar for customer satisfaction in telecom, according to a large survey of Americans. The survey is based on interviews with about 45,000 Americans from mid-April 2017 through mid-March 2018. Scores are indexed against general satisfaction with other consumer industries.

Video-streaming services scored among the highest in the telecommunications categories tracked by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Twenty-eighteen was the first year the index assessed video-streaming services, and the category debuted with a score of 75 on the scale of 100; scores for both subscription TV and internet services fell 3% in the last year.

As for individual video-streaming services, Netflix, Sony’s Playstation Vue live TV service, and Amazon’s Twitch scored the highest. Survey respondents praised the category for its simple bills, useful websites, and overall performance and reliability, among other factors. Subscription TV services were dinged for low call-center satisfaction and confusing bills.

This was also the first year that traditional pay-TV services like AT&T’s DirecTV, Verizon’s Fios, and Comcast’s Xfinity were ranked for their video-on-demand offerings. The industry scored a 68, higher than regular TV subscription services, which came in at 62, but lower than video streaming.